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Salute to working Mums

This post was originally a Mother’s Day post. A tribute to all the working Mums out there. And an introduction to my own little one. My little interrupter. My excuse for being quiet for so long. However, as those working Mums would know, intentions don’t mean squat when there’s a baby around. And even though we’re 12 months in now, the juggle and struggle is still an ever going guessing game. And sometimes I get it wrong. So as I re-emerge back into the social stratosphere, I am grateful for her patience and understanding as I figured this whole working Mum thing out. Like most Mums, I have a tendency to put my needs last. And as a marketing professional I’ve been using any and every opportunity to provide and nurture the businesses of my clients before doing anything on my own. Squeezing what I could into those 40 minute cat naps. So now while I have this little moment to dedicate some time to my first baby, my poor neglected business socials, I want to reconnect with those of you who know exactly what it’s like to be constantly chasing that to-do list. To wake up in the morning with the greatest intentions and motivations only to have your day go completely sideways. So here’s to staying hopeful, to slowly getting back some semblance of stability and sanity. To feeling like we’re on top of it, instead of always behind. Tomorrow is a new day and I for one am aiming just to be a little bit better. To take each victory, no matter how small. Starting with this post. So hopefully you’ll be hearing from me a bit more and I’ll be able to help you in any way I can. As a Mum, as a business owner and as a marketing geek. My ear is yours.

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