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Written by Master Marketing on behalf of Wholesale Lash Supplies Worldwide

If you want a look that will give you the most gorgeous, beautiful eyes you need to know your shape first. The look that looks amazing on your friend, might not be great for you. The best thing about our Mixed Box of Strip Lashes is that you can try different styles of lashes for different looks. Not sure which style would fit your eye shape best? Here’s our guide:

First off, what shape of eye do you have?

There are 6 main shapes of eyes, but you can also have a blend of the six.

First Question:

Is there a crease in your eyelid? A crease is the fold of skin right at the top of your lids.

No? Then you have MONOLID eyes like Jamie Chung. Emphasise your eyes by trying a full set of fine, flirty lashes, with great curl. This will create the appearance of a crease in the lid.

If not, ask yourself, when looking directly in the mirror, can you see your entire iris or white above or below your iris?

If the answer is yes, you have ROUND eyes like Australian actress Bella Heathcote. Play up your doll-like peepers with some long, dramatic lashes that splay upwards rather than fanning out. Keep them long and lush but not overly heavy or you’ll make your eyes appear smaller.

If part of the iris disappears under the upper and lower lids, you have ALMOND eyes like the smouldering Diane Kruger. This is generally considered the ideal eye shape, and like oval faces, the almond eye looks killer no matter how you choose to highlight it. Try playing up your gorgeous feline eyes by emphasising the outer corners with a set of lashes that fan out.

Now that you know your overall shape, you may also have a combination of other characteristics such as UPTURNED, DOWNTURNED, OR HOODED eyes.

To tell if your eyes are UPTURNED or DOWNTURNED imagine you draw a line across the centre of your eye, does the outer edge slope to the ceiling or the floor?

UPTURNED eyes look like Reece Witherspoon’s. Upturned eyes look fab with extra volume in the outer corner of their eyes.

and DOWNTURNED eyes like Rosario Dawson. Lashes with a varying lengths are ideal for giving a lift to downturned eyes.

Finally, when you look in the mirror, is your eyelid crease visible?

If not, and you can’t see much of your upper lid, you have HOODED eyes in the style of Jennifer Lawrence. Frame your hooded eyes with a set of lashes with varying lengths, for a fluttery, wide-eyed look.

So now you know your unique eye shape, time to try our Mixed Box of Strip Lashes to see which of our styles best suits you.

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